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Terms and Conditions

**Special info about listings for trainer/assessor services:
We are proud to support the promotion of trainer/assessor services on offer and will list these entries at no charge. Trainer/assessor listings must only be about services provided as a trainer/assessor. Other services provided such as assessment writing or validation fall into the scope of a paid directory listing.
Please nominate the training package and/or area of expertise for which you will be able to train and/or assess in the description of services field on the 'List a Service' page.

Complimentary listings are subject to the same T&Cs as our normal listings. Premium listings are not included in complimentary offers. All trainer/assessor listings will have an SRTOS compliance note added to the listing to advise RTOs to verify credentials.

All listings are subject to an approval process to ensure language and tone of content remains informative and professional. All listings are at the discretion of SRTOS and we reserve the right to remove/alter any listing at any time as deemed appropriate. 

By clicking 'submit' you commit to purchasing your listing and providing all requested information within the required time-frames. Please send through images for your listing within 24-48 hours of request.

Once listing payment is confirmed, the submission will be reviewed for suitability.  If approved, the listing will appear on the SRTOS site within seven (7) working days.

If a submitted listing for a product or service is not approved, the listing fees will be refunded within seven (7) days of the decision being communicated with the applicant.

Premium Listings are by appointment and are subject to availability.  A Premium Listing can only be accepted in conjunction with a standard listing on SRTOS. SRTOS accept Premium Listings for one (1) calendar month with no more than two (2) consecutive months booked by any one lister. A Premium Listing entitles the lister to be featured in one (1) of three (3) tiles on the front page of the SRTOS website for the specified time.

Our intention is for this site to direct potential clients to the products and services listed for offer. There is no guarantee expressed or implied that a listing on this site will result in increased referrals or business.

SRTOS offers unbiased opportunities for service providers and users of this site. As long as the proposed content meets overarching Australian Consumer Laws, is in English and is relevant to the advertised purpose of SRTOS, submissions will be considered for listing.  We do not endorse or guarantee quality of products and services offered on this site – the listings are for information to the target markets and must be interpreted by the user and applied for their own individual circumstance.

SRTOS reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without notice.  Once listed, fees are non-refundable. To cancel a listing, please advise us in writing at least seven (7) days before the next renewal date.