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Welcome to Australia's first online RPL assessment system - RPL Assess, a brand new concept that makes assessing your students quick and easy.

RPL Assess demystifies the often mis-understood concept of recognising a student's previous education and experience.

Backed by 31 years’ experience in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, RPL Assess is engaged and responsive to the needs of the VET sector. We have created an innovative, user-friendly platform to offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) services to your students.

• Break the shackles of a conventional RPL assessment approach.

• Take your RTO to the next level.

• Expand your student audience.

• Leap ahead of your competition.

• No upfront investment; free registration and no obligation.

You’re in control - RPL Assess allows you to assess each piece of evidence and assign a numeric ‘value’ to documents, video, audio files, photos and more.

The system tallies the student's RPL application based on your assessment. Tangible, measurable, valid, reliable and consistent.

Track your student’s RPL progress using our unique RPL barometer - visual display that grows as the evidence builds. Everything remains in soft copy – no paper, no storage issues.

ASQA is adamant - every RTO must offer RPL as an alternate assessment approach. And yet so many RTOs do their best to avoid this obligation.

Relax, RPL Assess has got you covered. Our audit success is second to none. RPL Assess is a simple, robust, online platform that's 'pay as you go'. Just register, build your profile and you’re on your way.

Watch our explainer video and visit our website for more information.

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