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Running an RTO is complex. We believe in making it efficient for RTOs to do things in the right way, whilst keeping the passion alive in VET.

Designed specifically for the Vocational Education and Training industry, Cloud Assess is a powerful online solution to manage your assessment and training requirements.

Aligned to the AQF structure and ASQA requirements, Cloud Assess supports your existing processes and provides you with compliance peace of mind, without the burden of paperwork.  It also helps you put money back in the bank. By avoiding paperwork, you don't just avoid the cost of printing, there's the cost to collate, post, file, process, scan, upload,retain and destroy avoided too. Plus, you can't lose paperwork that doesn't get printed.

Flexible and easy to use for any industry or type of RTO, you can:

·        Facilitate a face-to-face, online or blended approach to your Training and Assessment

·        Deliver efficiently to your Training and Assessment Strategies

·        Effortlessly gather and retain evidence against unit requirements

·        Easily integrate with your Student Management System

·        Map assessments to ensure you are covering everything you need

It’s packed with unique industry relevant features to assist you with authoring, mapping, quality checking and more. By helping you streamline your process, you and your team can spend more time doing what you love, creating exceptional student experiences.

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