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I am Laurie Kelly, and my primary aim is to make great Professional Development available to all trainers anywhere, at any time,through both our face-to-face training and a blended delivery online model.

My Professional Development is about engagement and learning in a brain friendly way.

My team and I endeavour to assist Trainers, Educators and Facilitators to understand the power of including current neuro-research in the delivery of their material, so learners learn quickly and the learning‘sticks’.

Other groups offer Professional Development in the areas of assessment and validation. We offer exciting, fun and brain-based techniques that allow you to deliver any content in a brain-friendly and engaging way.Simple, practical ideas that work.

Your training will never be the same again, once you have attended our training, via:

• Face to Face Trainers Skills Intensive – both in-house and public workshops

• Online Video Library – both Face to Face and Online bias(subscription or purchase)

• Conference Keynote speaking and workshops

• Webinars – both in-house and publicly broadcast


Our Belief: Impact is CREATED. It doesn't ‘just happen’...

Learning is a natural, inquisitive state, in which everyone naturally engages from the moment they are born. It is inbuilt and instinctual.Unfortunately, workplace learning is not always designed to tap into this natural inquisitiveness, but rather it is seen as time-consuming,compliance-driven and a ‘tick and flick’, legal process. This can be boring and non-productive.

Real behavioural change can run a poor second to administrative concerns and just ‘ticking the box’. When a learning program is designed with the Brain in mind, it is easy to stimulate this natural inquisitive state, even with the most mundane of topics .

Laurie speaks both nationally and internationally on current knowledge of how the learning brain works to maximize the impact of training,and to create an openness factor in our approach to change and new learning.

With over 30 years’ experience, he has a reputation for having an uncanny ability to communicate on a level that everyone can appreciate and is passionate about the importance of the information he shares.

Laurie's experience in improving trainers’ skills in engagement is vast - he is one of the most sought-after presenters in his field. He preaches and practices the principles of Brain Friendly Training in all his work, so expect the talk to be walked. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

Laurie works with a wonderful team of business support folks and fellow consultants who are also passionate that training must excite,engage and empower.

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